Monday, September 06, 2004

Hearing new things with Bionic Cochlear

Yes, I can hear more and more with my bionic cochlear implants... here are some new sounds and my response that I heard for the first time and/or much better and with lots of clarity as opposed hearing through the amplified hearing aids....

Sounds of the locusts in night (very annoying)
Vehicle turn signal clicking (Now it is very annoying!)
Owl hooting from a long distance
Rattling of my dog's tags and clawing the floor as he walks
Hearing many more bird songs than ever
My own heartbeat (in a very quiet room)
Hearing voices and baby crying downstairs
Able to tell better if a car or train is coming or leaving
My watch beeping (never heard through my hearing aids)
Sizzling frying bacon
Fizzing soda foam
Crinkling plastic wrap
Baby breathing, slurping, cooing, raspberries, etc...
Ticking of 60 Minute's stopwatch

and most importantly... I heard the feedback from my amplified hearing aids for the first time ever!!!