Sunday, May 20, 2007

So many medical researchs being done on bilateral cochlear implants!!!!!

Go to google and use phrases for search:

abstract bilateral cochlear

and I found so many medical researches being done on bilateral cochlear implants. I can't even find one research that does not support the bilateral advantages.... YEA!!!!!

I have never seen so many medical research being done on the bilateral cochlear implants today than in the last few years.

I also added more links to the "LINKS" section at

for us to use with insurance appeals and filings. The insurance agents can then use these winning medical research abstracts to convince their bosses for the approval of the funding towards the second cochlear implants for their clients!!!!


Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bilateral Implants to be "Gold Standard"....

This is an interesting and "turn of time" article about the difficulties in acquiring second cochlear implants for bilateral hearing....

Click this to read the article

I am hoping someday soon that two cochlear implant will be mandatory instead of single implants. The best way to make that happen will take an act of Congress to change the Medicare guidelines. Most insurances go by Medicare guideline as health care standard.