Monday, December 26, 2005


Hear the sounds of popcorn...

I am learning to hear more new things everyday. Tonight I made popcorn - and it was so wild to hear that - it sounded like a stream of explosions, as loud as machine guns kept going off for a while. I recalled hearing that popping sounds with hearing aids - it only sounded like just some toy pop guns popped once a while.

Yes, we CI don't have complete hearing range as normal ear does, but it is alot better than hearing aids alone. What's the difference? It is the amount of information flow into the ears!!!! I had hearing aids for about 36 years. Then CI for more than a year. Wow, what a difference I heard in a year than my lifetime of hearing through hearing aids!!!

I've got some people asking me if someday the ear can be replaced or restored back to natural hearing. I tell them that is a bunch of hokey, because down the road in my life, I don't even expect to see a perfect replacement for ear or cochlear, since it is a nerve, which cannot be repaired or healed. So I had to take my own intitative for my life.