Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Sophia at 24 months


Sophia is now two years old and she is taking over the house. She is talking very much, but she can listen more words that what she speaks, too.

I just can't image what I would do if I did not get the cochlear implants at this time. I would have a very hard time doing that with hearing aids and more. And my voice quality with my hearing aids at that time was not clear so Sophia would have hard time understanding me!!! With my cochlear implants, my hearing is so good I can understand every word except for Spanish words, which she picked up from her mother. And my speech is very good and I can teach her new words with clarity and correct punucation that she can follow from me.

Sometime Sophia would say a word, three words at a time, or in a complete sentence. She is absorbing all the words into her mind, and she says it later. When we watch an animal cartoon show, she would say 'elephant', 'lion', 'hippo', and more. If she does not know a word for an animal, she would point at it and goes, "hmmm?? " and I help her out.

For Sophia, our main emphasis is the 'language development', is very important at this time of her life and I am so glad to be doing that for her!!