Thursday, September 15, 2005

hear this sound:

that is the sound of cicada - that dominates sounds of night....

One night I was in the garage doing the woodworking. The garage is filled with sounds from humming fans, screaming power tools, and rackets of hammer. Then a sound came into my ears, via electrodes, and it goes like this - sshhh sshhh chhhh chhhh kkiaa kkiaa kkiaa sshhh. I turned around, and I can tell that these sounds are from outside. I walked out of garage and into a darken driveway, and I can hear it again. I follow to the sounds and lo and behold, I found the singing cicada. I have never heard like this ever before, even with hearing aids. The sounds of cicada are long and shreking, and I liked hearing that. Whoa!