Thursday, March 24, 2005

Audiogram of Before and After Bionic Cochlear Implant on my Right Ear. Notice huge gains in hearing! Posted by Hello

Audiogram Example

Attached is a audiogram to describe the sounds and loudness:

Degrees of Hearing Loss

I was born profoundly deaf.... Without hearing aids, I can hear the sounds as loud as a gun.... and with amplifed hearing aid, I can hear most sounds, but not the high frequecies (or soft sounds)...

Hearing Loss Levels:
-10dB to 25dB = Normal range
26dB to 40 dB = Mild hearing loss
41 dB to 55 dB = Moderate hearing loss
56 dB to 70 dB = Moderately Severe hearing loss
71 dB to 90 dB = Severe hearing loss
over 90 dB = Profound hearing loss.
<--- My hearing loss range... next to total deafness.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

About hearing music (Posted at

Hearing music through hearing aids was like seeing underwater-no crispness or clarity at all and very lifeless and distracting at times. Since I got my [bionic] cochlear implant, I can now feel the vibe of what music is all about, and it really rocks my soul like never before! Almost every night I listen to music for an hour before going to bed. Sometimes, I follow along with the lyrics downloaded from the Internet, which really helps to sharpen my ear for music. I listen to different kinds of music to learn the meaning, cultural aspects, and purpose of the songs. I think I have downloaded 500 songs into my digital music player since I got my [bionic] cochlear implant!